What’s on Tap at the Brewery Bar?10 May 2016 – posted in: Craft Ales

Cupitt Craft Brewers beer selection is available to sample Wednesday – Sunday at our Brewery Bar from 10am till 5pm. Tasting Paddles are available and include a choice of 4 beers for $14 (equivalent to 1 pint). Cupitt’s Brewery Bar features 5 Keg Draught Beer Taps and 1 Cask Ale Handpump

What is Cask Beer?
Unfiltered beer, (usually ale), that is racked (transferred) into casks, krausened (carbonated), sealed and then undergoes a slight final fermentation in the cask. The net result is a beer that has a much gentler level of carbonation, a rounder mouthfeel, and since it is unfiltered, usually shows a slightly more complex flavor and aromatic profile. It is often slightly cloudy, and is best served at cellar temperature.  It’s considered “live” beer since it is unfiltered and has live yeast in the cask (which is how we get the final fermentation and carbonation).

What Makes Cask Beer Different From Keg Beer?
Normal keg beer is filtered, carbonated to usually 2.4 volumes of CO2 and pushed out of the keg with CO2. Cask beer is dispensed traditionally by being pumped out of the cask using what is called a beer engine (hand pump). Since there is no CO2 pushing the beer out of the vessel, air is allowed to enter the cask as the beer is dispensed.

Why Handpump?
Serving beer through any handpump agitates the beer to some extent and aerates it. Beer forced through the handpump produces a thick creamy head and in the process driving extra hop bitterness into the head of the pint, resulting in an unbeatably smooth drinking experience.

What is Currently on Tap at Cupitts?

Cupitt Citra Session Ale
A single hop session ale, brewed with 100% Citra Hops. Low in bitterness this easy drinking ale is full of refreshing passionfruit and citrus notes and a refreshing finish. (27 IBU, 4.3% ABV)

Cupitt Pale Ale
A pale ale packed full of US Cascade hops and a nice dose of crystal malts mixed with the golden promise base malt. A bigger pale ale with lots of character. (45 IBU, 5.3%)

Cupitt IPA
Classic west coast style IPA with plenty of pine, citrus and tropical notes as it warms. A balanced maltbackbone and firm rounded bitterness that finished dry. (60: IBU, 6.3% ABV)

Cupitt Hefeweizen

A German style wheat beer. Cloudy pale straw in appearance, mild sweet nose with hints of clove exhibiting spicy palate. (12 IBU / 4.3% ABV)

Cupitt India Black Ale
Dark, American IPA. A complement of firm bitterness, tropical hops and light chocolate dark malts (7.3%ABV, 70 IBU).

What’s on the Handpump?

Cupitt Nut Brown Ale
A Classic English Brown open fermented in a white wine barrel. It has a rich nutty colour and a palate of almonds and walnuts. (5.1% ABV, 28IBU)

Want to Check out the Brewery?
Tours with Tasting are available daily Wednesday – Sunday at 11am
Bookings are Required and cost $20 per adult.

Where else can you Drink Cupitt Craft Ales and Beer?
Wharf Rd, Nowra
Flat Rock Beer Cafe, Willoughby