The South Coast Tourism Season Declared Open12 January 2020 – posted in: Uncategorized

The impact of Tegan Webber encouraging people to #gowithemptyskys and travel to fire-affected communities has been incredible. It shifted the support to not just be for essential charities and services but for the local business community who play such a massive role in the local economy through job provision and purchasing from other suppliers in the region. There is a vast chain reaction to all business sectors when the tourists stop coming.

The impact of this one little post has inspired other campaigns such as @spendwiththem and @staywiththem. These initiatives on social media have made a big difference to small business in areas that have not been safe to travel to yet. The impact of @spendwiththem has probably saved many companies from going under and therefore saved people’s livelihoods and reduced stress. Cupitt’s created a couple of offers for wine beer, and visit in our shop associate with the #spendwiththem campaign. We have been very touched by all the people who have purchased with us showing support and helping our business at this challenging time. Now the RFS has stated that our area (Milton, Mollymook, Ulladulla) is safe again to visit, we hope to see the impact of the #gowithemptyskys campaign with lots more visitors in the region.

Friends all over Australia and internationally ask what they can do to help. Our answer is to visit and encourage others to visit, now is the time to tell your friends and relatives all the great things about the South Coast. Share your secrets! The tourism industry will be feeling the aftermath of this disaster for some time. We don’t know how the extent of economic repercussions at this stage, but we predict that it will be significant.

Businesses like Cupitt’s Estate flourish in the summertime. We have been relying on the local community to come out to support us, and they have been great. Still, the locals are also financially impacted by the fire so understandably their domestic spending will not last, we need to see the tourists return to the area for businesses to thrive again.

Our advice to visitors is to follow the inspired words of Tegan Weber (#gowithemptyskys) if you can. Come and explore the region, visit as many local businesses as possible. There are unique places to dine, drink, shop, relax, be pampered. Most people probably don’t feel very relaxed after the Christmas break with the stress, smoke and traumatic news. Book a holiday to a fire-affected area and enjoy yourself while injecting some much-needed income into the local economy. We are ready to receive guests and give them the Cupitt Experience when they come.