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Tips on how to Get to know Wine

So, you’ve caught the wine bug and want to know more? Here are 10 tips on how you can better get better acquainted with wine.

1. Read Up

There is infinite resources to learn more about wine. Rosie Cupitt recommends ‘How to Taste – A Guide to Enjoying Wine’ and The 24 Hour Wine Expert both by Jancis Robinson, This is Not a Wine Guide by Chris Morrison. There is also a number of great websites out there Wine Folly and VinePair are two websites that answer many of the questions people may have about wine.

2. Invest in Good Glassware

Wine glasses are key to enjoying wine. Cupitt’s and Reidel are collaborating on a masterclass showing this impact of glassware on wine and aroma. The cost is $75 and includes four Reidel glasses valued at $119.95. Spots are limited to you can book here

Pinot Noir Glass from Reidel

3. Use The Right Tools

If you’re keen to drink older and European wines, you will need a good corkscrew. These can range from a $10 Waiter’s Friend to something really fancy but a solid Waiter’s friend will be your friend for life.

4. Let It Breathe

All wine both young and old benefits from oxygen. A carafe or decanter will do the job. Otherwise a good tip is to use a Vinturi Wine Aerator which simply is held over the glass. The Vinturi draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. You’ll notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. We sell Vinturi in the Cellar Door at Cupitt’s for $69.95. It is a wonderful investment.

Vinturi’s are a great way to aerate your wine quickly

5. Taste Blind

It’s amazing what characteristics you can find in a wine when you don’t know what you’re drinking. Track down some brown paper bags that your local bottle shop uses or use a long sock and cover up a selection of wines. Join Cupitt’s Mailing List to hear about opportunities to take part in one of our blind tasting workshops.

Host a blind tasting party at home

6. Sip And Savour

It may feel showy, but swirling wine in the glass before you smell it will enhance the aromas and help you fully appreciate it. Take your time rolling the wine around in your mouth to think about its qualities.

7. Remember To Spit

If you’re tasting lots of wine, be sure to spit. You can determine everything about a wine without necessarily needing to swallow.

8. Take Notes

You don’t need to write reams of notes, but a record of your response to the wines you’ve tasted and what you thought will become a brilliant tool over time. You can get something like The Moleskin Passion Journal which is designed to grow into a permanent and uniquely customised record of all the vintages you have had the pleasure of sampling or any notebook will do. ViVino is a great app for reminding you of the labels you have tried.  You can also see other people’s comments and the price point of the wine. You can write reviews and score the wine. For more info, download vivino from the apple appstore

9. Explore Wine Regions

Taste, talk and wander wineries in various regions to gain a deeper understanding of wine. Start close to home and go further afield. Old World and New World regions are incredible holiday spots.

10. Join a Wine Club

Wine clubs are a brilliant way to fast-track your wine education. Some of the better clubs run wine appreciation courses, along with other individuals and organisations. You may even make new friends who form a wine club. Join Cupitt’s Wine Club for first access to range of wine appreciation sessions.

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