Ultimate Easter Weekend Home Delivery Bundles7 March 2020 – posted in: Restaurant

The Ultimate Easter Weekend Home Delivery Bundles

With Easter fast approaching, it’s a good opportunity to take a moment and respect that it is a very different time at the moment. We may not be celebrating with all our loved ones this year, but that is not to say we cannot indulge and enjoy a special lunch with those we will be sharing the weekend with and make beautiful memories together that we can look back on fondly.
Easter food always conjures up beautiful memories for many and for this reason we have created the Ultimate Easter Weekend Menu and dived into the cellar to find something special to pair with the dishes, to bring you a truly beautiful Easter dining experience.

Ultimate Easter Home Dining Pack Bundle

For Four People – $250

  • Boned and netted premium quality Leg of Lamb (1.6kg)
  • Cupitt’s Fish Pie for Four
  • 2015 Carolyn’s Cabernet
  • 2017 Alphonse Sauvignon Blanc
  • Produce Box – create delicious side dishes for your entire weekend
  • Cupitt’s Fromagerie Cheese Pack
  • Delivery Thursday between Sussex Inlet and Bawley Point



Good Friday Dinner Pack

For Four People – $125
Good Friday is another important day in the Easter eating calendar. Our chefs have prepared a rich, decadent and velvety Fish Pie, which pairs beautifully with our 2017 Alphonse Sauvignon Blanc. This barrel aged Sauvignon complements the richer, creamy flavours in the pie, but also matches the texture of the fish.

  • Cupitt’s Fish Pie for Four served with Garden Green Leaves
  • 2017 Alphonse Sauvignon Blanc
  • Cupitt’s Fromagerie Cheese Pack
  • (Add a Produce Box so you can create your own
    delicious side dishes all weekend for $45)