Sunday Session with Graham Howle 3rd November21 October 2019 – posted in: Event News, Winery, Craft Ales, Restaurant, Uncategorized

Join us Sunday for live music between 12.30pm and 3.30pm

Graham Howle is a storyteller and songwriter. Vocally mesmerising, musically inviting and lyrically emotive Graham Howle delivers authentic, original and truly Australian stories in song.

It’s difficult to fit Graham’s music into one genre, there is alternate country, mainstream country, folk-country and some ‘not country’.

Graham Howles’ handsome voice sends out his lyrics raising emotions in listeners who clearly see the story unfolding within their minds. Melodies expertly ring from the guitar, words and stories resonate and Graham brilliantly delivers an unforgettable experience to all.

This friendly, talented man years ago worked as a fitter machinist, played guitar and sang nightly to his children as they went off to sleep. Now Graham is touring Australia full time as an independent artist singing his stories to people far and wide across Australia. Festivals, pubs, clubs, halls even around campfires are likely places to hear his strong, clear voice.