Cupitt Craft Brewers Winning Beers


Cupitt Craft Brewers joined 100’s of other independent brewers around Australia last month at the Independent Brewers Conference called Brewcon in Sydney (late June 2018).

The conference concludes with the judging of the independent beer awards known as The Indies 2018. The Indies are judged by a respected panel of national beer judges and are an invaluable platform for brewers to benchmark their beers and to showcase and celebrate excellence in independent craft beer.

Organised by the Independent Brewers Association (IBA), The Indies are open for entry to Australian independent brewing companies who distribute their entered beer in Australia. This year, The Indies had a total of 756 entries. Cupitt Craft Brewers submitted six beers into the awards and all six were awarded a medal of which four are silver awards and two are bronze.

This great result comes after great success at the National Tourism Awards where we were awarded a Bronze. Read more about it here.

Cupitt Craft Brewers results:

Silver Medal

Arneis Co-ferment (category: Hybrid Beer) 7.6% alc/vol | 11 IBU
A fusion of beer and wine. One day into the fermentation with a Belgian ale yeast we added 30% Arneis grape juice, pressed that morning in our winery. Initial aromatics are of esters and spices associated with Belgian yeast, followed by Arneis characters of melon, pear and almond. A fruit-filled body and subtle acidity entice you back and remind you that this is not a typical beer.
Golden Ale  (category: European-Style Ale) 7.7% ABV, 25 IBU

Golden / Blonde ale is fermented with one of our favourite strains of Belgian yeast, hailing from the Ardennes region, and displays subtle yet complex combinations of spice, honey and fruit. Despite its strength, this beer finishes quite dry, as per style.

Pale Ale (category: Pale Ale) 5.2% ABV, 45 IBU
Pale ale at the amber end of the spectrum packed full of US Cascade hops and a nice dose of crystal malts mixed with the golden promise base malt.

Smoked Porter (category: Porter-Stout) 6.4% ABV, 40 IBU
The distinct smoke character in this beer comes from the addition of barley malt that has been smoked over Manuka wood in New Zealand. This smokiness marries with the classic chocolate notes typifying a porter beer, and is underlined by a strong-for-style alcohol strength.

Bronze Medal

India Pale Ale (category: India Pale Ale) 6.5% ABV, 60 IBU
Classic West Coast style India Pale Ale with plenty of pine, citrus and tropical notes. A balanced malt backbone with a bold, bitter finish.
Mosaic Session Ale (category: Session Beer) 4.4% ABV,  25 IBU
This single hop ale features the distinctive Mosaic hop. Passionfruit and papaya aromas jump out of the glass, from an easy going package that is restrained in bitterness.