Cupitt Craft Brewers Seasonal Releases


These beers are available at times during the year. Stay tuned to this page or follow us on Facebook to keep updated about what is being released next! 

CitraBockIndia BrownMosaic Session AleHefestoutKing William BitterNut brownIPA Black

Cupitt Hibiscus Wit (5.2% ABV, 15 IBU)
A Belgian style wheat beer, infused with Rose Hibiscus and Indian coriander. Blush pink and very refreshing, with floral notes and hints of citrus.

Hop Harvest Ale 2018 (4.9% ABV, 25 IBU) 
We headed down to Ryefield Hops in Bemboka to select and pick fresh Cascade and Chinook, which we threw into this American style amber ale the following day. Adding all the fresh hops at the end of boil has resulted in a distinct, unique hop flavour combining earthy and some leafy notes with the citrus and pine often associated with these varieties.

Pale Ale (5.2% ABV, 45 IBU)
Pale ale at the amber end of the spectrum packed full of US Cascade hops and a nice dose of crystal malts mixed with the golden promise base malt.
Smoked Porter (6.4% ABV, 40 IBU)
The distinct smoke character in this beer comes from the addition of barley malt that has been smoked over Manuka wood in New Zealand. This smokiness marries with the classic chocolate notes typifying a porter beer, and is underlined by a strong-for-style alcohol strength.

Hoppy Haze IPA (6.5% ABV, 10 IBU)
New England style IPA, softly bittered and bursting with juicy fruity hop aroma and flavour. Unfiltered and hazy from a generous addition of oats which produces a delicate mouthfeel.

Belgian Dark Strong Ale (8.1% ABV, 30 IBU)
Brewed with our Belgian house yeast and speciality malts.  It is a full, rich and creamy beer with flavours of ripe bananas, toffee caramel and ripe plums. The mouth is left smooth with a touch of warmth and a lifting bitterness.

Cupitt King William English Bitter  (4.4% ABV, 25 IBU)
Pulled from the hand pump, this is an English style malt driven cask ale with subtle fruity esters derived from a classic ale yeast strain. Soft on the palate and full of flavour, an easy drinking mid strength brew.

Hoppy Red (5.9% ABV, 50 IBU)
A generously hopped red ale loaded with U.S. Mosaic and Cascade hops that is well supported by a rich crystal malt backbone.

Whey Porter (4.2%, 25 IBU)
A full bodied Porter brewed using lactose rich Whey from Cupitt’s Fromagerie. The palate is smooth and creamy, with nice roasted flavours and a sweet, milk chocolate finish.

Cupitt Oatmeal Stout (4.9% ABV, 35 IBU)
Brewed with the addition of rolled oats. A smooth, creamy stout with whiffs of milk chocolate and rich roasted coffee flavours.

Cupitt Pilsner (4.6% ABV, 27 IBU)
Brewed with German Pilsner malt and hopped with US and NZ grown German hop varieties. Light and refreshing with lots of noble hop aroma

Cupitt Saison (5.2% ABV, 25 IBU)
Belgian farmhouse ale. Brewed with a traditional Belgian Saison yeast strain. Dry, spicy and fruity, this brew is the perfect summer thirst quencher

Cupitt Mosaic Session IPA (4.2% ABV, 27 IBU)
A single hop session IPA, brewed with 100% Mosaic Hops. The beer has a complex aroma of papaya and passion fruit with citrus, pine and floral notes. Softly bittered and easy drinking with a very refreshing finish.

Cupitt Brown Ale (5.5% ABV, 45 IBU)
A deep mocha coloured American Brown Ale that combines caramel and burnt toffee flavours with citrus notes from a large dose of Cascade and Centennial hops. A nice, mellow brown ale with a rich complexity of flavours.

Cupitt Bockalicious (6.8% ABV, 27 IBU)
A German style bock lager that has been matured in old Pinot Noir barrels. A rich malt backbone with added tannin and subtle vinous characters extracted from the oak.

Cupitt India Brown Ale (7.1% ABV, 55 IBU)
A strong north English Brown Ale brewed in an open wine barrel with a British yeast. A malty backbone with caramel, chocolate and nutty flavours mixing with the herbal and floral notes of large amounts of UK fuggles hops.

Russian Imperial Stout (8.0% ABV, 75 IBU)
 A rich and indulgent Stout with dominant dark chocolate and coffee flavours. 12 months of maturation in Shiraz barrels adds layers of complexity that will continue to develop in the bottle. Dangerously drinkable.