Simple Summer Barbecue Recipe28 November 2019 – posted in: Winery, Cheese, Recipes

A great summer recipe and very simple to do is in this month’s Gourmet Traveller using shaved zucchini and haloumi, threaded on a skewer, grilled on the BBQ  and dredged with olive oil and mint dressing. So delicious! ( I tried this one at home and the pics are here….) Try this with Rosie’s Rosè or a slightly chilled Cupitt’s Tempranillo
Cupitt’s Haloumi is perfect in this dish.  It is soft and delicious when fried or grilled and so versatile. It can be used to create a lighter style meal tossing zucchini, capsicum, green beans and cherry tomatoes in a pan for a few minutes, putting aside and then frying the haloumi in oil and serving together with the vegetables on top of salad leaves, drizzled with red wine vinegar and honey dressing and seasoned to taste. Yummo!