Service NSW Chooses Cupitt’s Estate to Showcase Successful COVID Safe Practices17 July 2020 – posted in: Uncategorized

We’re thrilled that Service NSW thought of us to showcase how businesses are being COVID safe!

We’re proud to have created an environment where your health and safety is not jeopardised while you enjoy beautiful food & wine, creating memories with your families and friends in these otherwise difficult times.

Hear from Libby Cupitt and watch the video we filmed in collaboration with Service NSW showcasing how our COVID Safe practices come to life here on site at Cupitt’s Estate.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our COVID Safe plan so you can stay informed and dine with confidence.

If you’re unsure about how COVID 19 regulations may affect a pre-existing reservation, please get in touch with our administration team to discuss what options are available for your group dining requests.

Physical Distancing

We are consistently updating our premises to abide by the changing NSW laws around venue capacities and physical distancing.

All guests must be seated and all tables are set up to abide by social distancing regulations.

Hand Sanitisation Stations         

You won’t enter a single room or area here at Cupitt’s Estate without having access to hand sanitiser.

We’re not saying you need to use them all, but you can absolutely move freely throughout our venue with confidence knowing that your personal hygiene is never in jeopardy.

No Self Serve Buffet Style Food

While we all love a buffet or self-service style meal, it’s just not safe to do so in these times. Table service across all areas of the business limits the amount of people walking freely through the venue and keeps cross contamination to a minimum.

Surface Cleaning

All common areas of dining are cleaned frequently with disinfectant, and we encourage all guests to use contact-free payment options to reduce physical handling of cash and credit cards.

Record Keeping

All restaurant diners personal details are kept on record for contact tracing should that be necessary, while casual dining tables are equipped with QR codes for simple and easy registration of your personal info so we can get in touch should we need to.

We appreciate all of our guests for supporting us with their patronage. Thank you for abiding by these regulations and continuing to keep Cupitt’s Estate a safe and enjoyable venue for everyone during this challenging period.