Seasonal Beers from Cupitt Craft Brewers9 July 2019 – posted in: Craft Ales, Uncategorized


Cupitt’s on site microbrewery creates seasonal releases perfect to enjoy on site with a meal. Our winter releases are always welcomed as we seek beers with body and flavour in the cooler months.

Smoked Porter

The seasonal release of the Cupitt Craft Brewers Smoked Porter is now available, highly anticipated after the 2018 Smoked Porter won Silver at the Independent Brewers Awards known as the Indies.

The distinct smoke character in this beer comes from the addition of barley malt smoked over MZ Manuka wood in. This combines with the rich chocolate notes typical of a robust porter.  

The Porter is available in 500ml bottles from the Cellar Door, online shop, and is also available from the bar pop in and try it today.

Arneis Co-Ferment 

Another highly anticipated release is the Limited Vintage release of the 2019 Arneis Co-ferment. This vintage saw us ferment whole bunch pressed Arneis from the Orange region with a saison beer base. Aromas of pear come through with classic saison esters. A moderate acidity adds flavours of lime and accentuates a dry finish.

Similar to last vintage, this beer had about 30% grape juice component. This year we fermented with a Saison (french for season) yeast strain, which is generally known as a “farmhouse” style of yeast/beer. It is a very attenuative yeast, meaning it ferments out very dry – which it did in this beer/wine hybrid.Esters are a type of flavour compound that is often the source of fruit-like aromas in beer.

You can read the Craft Pint Reviews from the 2018 Vintage and get more info on hybrid beers here

The Arneis Co-Ferment is available in 500ml bottles, and can be consumed on site or take away. It is also available from the online store.


Barleywines hold a special place in the heart of Cupitt’s Head Brewer Liam, because they demonstrate the richness and complexity that beer can carry. A well cellared barleywine can develop flavours similar in character and intensity to a sherry, think dried fruit and subtle oxidative notes.

Cupitt Craft Brewers brewed a batch of Barleywine in July last year and matured it in an old Cab Sav oak barrel.  To order Barleywine you can visit the shop HERE

Want to learn more about Barleywine, join Head Brewer Liam Jackson on a Discovery Beer Session on Saturday 27th July. Further details plus tickets can be found here.

Cupitt’s Oyster Stout

Oysters and Stout are a classic match, and for some time now brewers have been combining the two in beer. We took 3kg of top notch, local oysters, provided by Australia’s Oyster Coast, and threw them into the boil. Meat, brine, shell and all.  Sweet & salty gold medal winning Shoalhaven oysters contribute a salinity that cuts through the rich roast characters of the oatmeal stout, providing a lingering minerality. Learn more about the Brewing process and the story behind Cupitt’s Oyster Stout here

Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged)

A rich and indulgent stout that has been aged in an ex-Shiraz barrel. Cocoa, raisin and sandalwood aromas draw you into a textured beer with light tannins and plenty of roast. Sip and savour.
The “Imperial” moniker comes from the fact that these stouts were brewed by the British extra-strong for the Russian Imperial Court. Note that this beer is very strong, it is more of a dessert/sipping beer, but could possibly pair well with rich, charred red meat dishes.

Here is a review of our 2017 Imperial Stout from Crafty Pint