Rose Geranium Cocktail Recipe2 June 2020 – posted in: Recipes

Our Rose Geranium is thriving in the Kitchen Garden so we decided to make a syrup with the floral scented leaves and knock up a delicious Garden To Glass Cocktail. Enjoy!

Cocktail Ingredients

> Tequila 45ml

> Lime Juice 25ml

> Rose Geranium Syrup 15ml (see below)

> Topped with 50/50 Brut Cuvee and Soda


Pour the tequila, juice and syrup into a tall glass with cubed ice.

Using a long spoon stir gently before topping (slowly) with equal parts Soda and Brut Cuvee to fill the glass. Sip and adjust with extra brut or soda if required.

Rose Geranium Syrup

Makes 250ml


> 8 Small Clusters Rose Geranium Leaves

> 1 cups Water

> 1 tablespoons Light Agave Nectar


Bring the geranium leaves and water to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and add the agave. Allow to cool and then use in the cocktail recipe as directed.