We’re fortunate enough to have some lovely things written about our winery. Here is a sampling of the latest reviews.

From The Bride & Groom: The Most Attentive of Staff12 August 2014

Cupitt's Cottage in Ulladulla

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“We had an exceptional day although for all the planning it was over far too soon; it went like a dream. We will always fondly remember it to be one of the best days of our lives! Our dealings with the staff at Cupitt’s were fantastic! Right from the initial planning stages of wedding to the actual dealings of the big day.

Our consultations were held with Sarah Langley, and we were always made to feel welcome and comfortable. Nothing seemed to present a problem and we organised the wedding date to the number of guest themselves in the Creamery room whilst enjoying the great atmosphere that Cupitt’s has become renowned for.

Our BIG DAY: After glamming up the day away in Cupitt’s cottage myself and bridesmaids walked the distance from the cottage to the picturesque creamery lawn, late spring with an early evening ceremony, the sun-kissed Burrill Lake in the background was exquisite and the rustic creamery building played a stunning vision, Accompanied by a string duo the scenery and the love of my life waiting at the end of the aisle. It took my breath away.

Glorious photo opportunities were had through the vineyards and anywhere one looked on the property.

Moving into the creamery building a short while after for our intimate dinner and reception for our most loved friends and family, we enjoyed a selected assortment of Cupitt’s wines & beverages amongst the most hilarious of speeches and the most delicious food imaginable served by the most attentive of staff. A fabulous evening was enjoyed by all who attended and we were all saddened when it was finally time to leave,

Cupitt’s cottage also makes for a romantic getaway as we used it for the evening of our wedding before we had our delayed Thailand holiday.

Originally in selecting our location Cupitt’s had everything we wanted and more! Residing in Ulladulla at the time, Chris & I had always loved the atmosphere and rural outlook and after eating in the Vineyard Kitchen frequently loved the food styles and menus available and thought it our perfect wedding venue. Guests who attended thought it was a perfect day and the surrounding scenery food and wine magnificent.

We highly recommend Cupitt’s winery as the perfect wedding destination for couples wishing to experience something a little bit different on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.”

– Chris & Emma Wardleworth


We’re fortunate enough to have some lovely things written about our winery. Here is a sampling of the latest reviews.

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