Restaurant Tips for the Perfect @ Home Mother’s Day Dining Experience7 May 2020 – posted in: Event News, Restaurant

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and due to COVID-19 regulations, you need to celebrate at home.

Let this be the perfect opportunity to create a fantastic restaurant-quality lunch experience that you’ll never forget. 


One thing that isolation dining has taught us it is not just great food we miss about restaurants but the atmosphere and service that gives you the total dining out experience. 

So this Mother’s Day let’s give mum a delicious meal with ambience and service that reflects your favourite restaurant.

Tell mum to take a walk or enjoy a cup of tea while you get everything set. From the moment she is called to the party, look after her like she’s the most important customer in the room, because of course she is!

Here are five tips on how to do that ‘restaurant-style’:

1. Inviting Dining Space

A dirty and unorganised restaurant will generally send any customer running, your dining room should be no different (at least for one day). Get rid of any unsightly clutter. Be sure there are no fingerprints on windows, polish your cutlery, wine glasses and crockery. 

 2. Lighting & Heating 

This will depend on where you are setting up your Mother’s Day lunch but consider the perfect temperature and lighting. Think about the best lighting to create a soothing environment for your mum.  Natural light would be ideal if possible.

 3. Music sets the mood

First and foremost, every restaurant operation should play some type of music; your home should be the same. There is nothing more unnerving than dining at a restaurant that is entirely silent. The kind of music you choose to play should reflect what your mum likes but also the atmosphere you wish to create. Make sure it’s not too loud, Mother’s Day is more about great conversation and connection over food, wine and family.  

 4. Tableware 

Tableware, table set-up, elegance and standards are essential elements to in most restaurants. Size, shape and colour of plates, bowls and cutlery are all opportunities to put your own style on the lunch decor. Essentials like napkins, water glasses and a wine glass for each wine variety will be sure to amplify the at-home dining experience.

5. Service to the End 

At Cupitt’s we want people to feel like they’re coming into a home, friendly and welcoming is critical. This is probably easy enough to achieve at home, so we recommend you up the anty in other ways. Firstly offer an aperitif or cocktail – a glass of bubbles always work, gin and tonic or impress with a cocktail. Try learning more about the ingredients in your menu or talk about the process of cooking the meal. Select some beautiful wines that match the menu and tell the story of the winemaker. Topping up mum’s glass and asking if she needs anything more never goes astray either. Most importantly, you need to clear the plates and do all the washing up!

It will be a meal Mum will honestly remember for years to come. 

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