Bundle of Three ‘Heat and Eat’ Pizzas

Our famous pizzas can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your home until we can welcome you back to the Estate.

Bianca 'Heat and Eat' Pizza for local delivery only

The Bianca is a Cupitt institution and includes our Fromage blanc from the Fromagerie, green olives and aromatic rosemary.

12 in stock

Pumpkin and Blue Cheese 'Heat and Eat' Pizza local delivery only

This seasonal pizza features organic butternut pumpkin and oregano from our kitchen garden with Flor Azul blue cheese from the Fromagerie.

14 in stock

Jamón and Cheese 'Heat and Eat' Pizza for local delivery only

This pizza features 18 month aged Duroc Jamón Serrano with Mozzarella and Grana Padano.

7 in stock

$58.00 $45.00

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