Palm Sugar Salad Dressing Recipe29 October 2020 – posted in: Recipes

We’re constantly inspired to create fresh, beautiful salads from our garden and there’s nothing more necessary for a gorgeous salad than a killer dressing!

A great dressing ties everything together, so why not have a go at whipping this recipe up and putting together your own salad with whatever is in the fridge, we promise it won’t let you down! It should make enough for a few salads, we recommend storing it in a jar so you can easily shake & serve as needed.


¼ Cup Palm Sugar
½ Teaspoon Chinese 5 Spice Powder
Pinch Salt
50 ml White Wine Vinegar
50 ml Red Wine Vinegar
100 ml Vegetable Oil
50 ml Olive Oil


Cook sugar with a little water over medium heat until light caramel.
Add powdered spices and cook for 2mins
Add vinegar carefully as it my steam and spit
Bring to the boil
Add oils
Allow to cool before serving & keep it in a handy jar in your fridge!