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Oyster masterclass at Cupitts

Oyster Masterclasses coming to Cupitt’s

Cupitt’s have been working in collaboration with Appellation Oysters over the last year to bring unique food and wine experiences to the South Coast. Cupitt’s and Appellation Oysters share the same philosophy around celebrating local produce, quality farming practices and enjoying the best food and wine on offer.

This Saturday night we have an Oyster Masterclass with Mark Allsopp from Appellation Oysters. A great chance to discover the fascinating world of oysters, eat oysters from different NSW estuaries and drink Cupitt wine. $60 per person.

Posted by Cupitt's Winery and Restaurant on Sunday, 20 October 2019

Appellation Oysters is a rigorous program for the identification and selection of the best quality oysters from the 13 NSW estuaries under the Australia Oyster Coast umbrella. Only the very best oyster is awarded Appellation status. Cupitt’s have been serving Appellation Oysters paired with our wine and beer giving guests a memorable food and drink experience.

In the wine industry we talk about ‘terroir’ which is the term for the special alchemy that occurs when environmental factors, farming practices, the attributes of land and soils from a specific place combine to create the favour profile of a wine. Like the wine industry, the oyster industry works to a ‘merroir’ system which similarly distinguishes the favours and textures of an oyster based on its marine environment as well as the farming and harvesting practices of the estuary in which it is grown. When embarking on an oyster gastro-journey, you are travelling through the oyster’s marine environment and the nuanced favour profile of each oyster is an expression of its particular place of origin.

CEO of Australia’s Oyster Coast Mark Allsop is running a series of Masterclasses at Cupitt’s for people who want to learn more about this amazing product. We have classes running on the following dates:

13th December – 6pm

Details about the masterclass can be found here