Outdoor Dining Menu


Marinated Olives $9
Mixed Salted Nuts $8
Beer Battered Chips with Cupitt’s Beer BBQ Sauce * $9
Ploughman’s Lunch* $27
Our version of the English Farmer’s Lunch with Serrano Ham, Caprino Romano, Mahon Cheese, Cornichons, Pickled Egg, Piccalilli Relish and Sourdough
Cornish Scones $9
Two delicious Scones made from a Cornish recipe, served with Clotted Cream, Housemade Rhubarb Jam
Homemade Chocolate Brownie $6


(Available 12pm-4pm Saturday and Sunday Only)

> Extended trade during the Summer School Holidays – VIEW HERE

Margherita $20
Simple but delicious. Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil
Pizza Bianca $20
A white pizza, with Garlic, Rosemary, Green Olives, Mozzarella, Cupitt’s Tomme Cheese and Cupitt’s Fromage Blanc
Salame $22
Tomato, Grana Padano, Mozzarella, Salame and Chilli
* Gluten free options available. Surcharge of $3 will apply for gluten-free pizza bases (cooked in the oven with other pizzas).


Cupitt’s Fromagerie is an Artisanal Cheese Making Facility, Specialising in European Style Cheeses made with Locally Sourced Goat’s Milk from Maple Ridge Dairy in Falls Creek and Cow’s Milk from Croobyar Farm in Milton.

A range of cheeses are also available for purchase from our Cellar Door. Your selection served with house-baked sourdough and accompaniments.
Single Selection $12
Additional Cheeses (each) $10
Seasonal Cheese Selection with Wine Pairing Suggestions:
Tomme de Chevré
Our Flagship Cheese, aged for 15 months, a firm dense cheese with nutty and complex flavours.
2016 Cupitt Dusty Dog Shiraz
Budawang Brie
Made with Cow’s Milk, a rich buttery full flavoured cheese.
2017 Cupitt ‘The Pointer’ Chardonnay
Ash rind Goat’s Milk Cheese with a sweet chalky centre and creamy texture.
2017 Cupitt Sauvignon Blanc
Flor Azul
A rustic textured blue cheese with spicy/salty palate and hints of sweet straw.
2015 Cupitt Fortified Pinot Gris
A French Classic from the Loire Valley this cheese has flavours of citrus and honey in a creamy texture encased in a fluffy bloomy rind.
2017 Cupitt ‘Alphonse’ Sauvignon (Fumé Blanc)