News from the Fromagerie – Comte is back!4 June 2018 – posted in: Cheese, Rosie's Tips

Cupitt’s Fromagerie has released another batch of our South Coast version of France’s Comté cheese which is available in the Cellar Door to purchase. 

In keeping with the French standards, Cupitt’s Comté is produced with milk from Montbéliarde dairy cows that graze pastures in Milton at Croobyar.

Rosie says ‘This cheese absolutely deserves a spot in your fridge. It has a nutty, earthy flavor and creamy texture that I really love. It’s one of those cheeses that always has me coming back for more. I’ll give Comté bonus points for being long-lasting. It’s also one of the few cheeses which works well with both red and white wine as well as champagne, and is an incredibly versatile cheese as it melts easily so it can be used in recipes which require a good hard cheese.” But what does the cheese maker, Rosie Cupitt, recommend? “I would take it into a little corner with a really nice bottle of wine and a knife and hope no one interrupted me.”