Native Dukkah Recipe5 February 2021 – posted in: Restaurant, Cheese, Recipes

We are currently serving this beautiful dukkah in our restaurant. Our Chefs roll balls of our estate made feta cheese into gorgeous bite sized parcels of nutty native goodness.

The options are endless with this dukkah recipe, sprinkle on your scrambled eggs, serve with soft cheeses or simply dip your favourite bread into olive oil and then straight into the dukkah.

The choice is yours! Let us know how you go whipping it up and don’t forget to tag us on your social media posts with @cupitt


200g Macadamias

100g Ground Wattle Seed

20g Coriander Seeds

20g Cumin Seeds

15g Lemon Myrtle Leaves

Pinch of Salt


Toast macadamias in a warm oven until golden brown – leave aside to cool.

Once cool blitz in a food processor until fine crumbs.

Toast the coriander seeds & cumin seeds at 180 Degrees until fragrant, then blitz in a food processor until fine & set aside with macadamias.

Lastly, blitz the lemon myrtle leaves in the food processor.

Combine together mixing well, then add salt to taste


This native dukkah goes beautifully with soft cheese or dipped in olive oil. The options are endless!

We serve it with our Estate Made feta cheese in our restaurant – book your table here.