How To Grow Your Own Potatoes28 August 2020 – posted in: Uncategorized

There’s no greater feeling than eating something you’ve grown yourself – and there arguably isn’t a more versatile or well-loved vegetable on the planet than potatoes!

Are your potatoes sprouting little green ‘eyes’ (the ones that almost look like roots?) Well, have we got great news for you! Those little cute green shoots are the start of new potatoes, all you have to do is pop them in the earth and show them a bit of TLC and in a few months your potatoes will multiply.

This week at Cupitt’s Estate we planted a bunch of Spuntas, they’ll be ready to harvest in a few months to create something delicious on our Tasting Menu.

Here are our Head Gardener Adrian’s tips on how to grow your own potatoes – the process is so easy – why not give it a go yourself?!

What You Need To Know

The green shoots (referred to as ‘eyes’) on your potatoes is what will grow as new potatoes once planted

The more eyes on your potato, the more new potatoes will grow – Getting rid of any small eyes will allow for the bigger ones to grow larger

Use well drained, healthy soil

Plant 20cm below the ground then mound up 10cm as the green shoots grow

Soak potatoes with water when first planted, start watering when green leaves emerge. Keep a consistent regime.

Feed well with compost and blood & bone

We find that with the variety we plant (Spuntas), along with our climate we usually see green shoots sprouting after about a month.

It generally takes 3-4 months before harvesting. For large potatoes harvest when leaves and shoots are dead. For small potatoes harvest after flowering

Harvest & eat your potatoes!