Halloumi Cheese Chips Recipe17 October 2019 – posted in: Uncategorized

We would love to share with you all a very popular dish that we currently have on our Bar Menu… Halloumi Cheese Chips!


2x 180g Halloumi Cheese packets

½ cup of Milk

200g Potato Flour
200g Rice Flour (course)
230g Polenta
15g Paprika
15g Szechuan Peppercorn (toasted and ground)
15g Fennel Seeds (toasted and ground)
8g Salt (fine)
8g Black Pepper (ground)


Slice the Halloumi Cheese into batons and set aside. Add the milk to a bowl and set aside.
Mix all other dry components in a large bowl. Dip the Halloumi batons into the milk then into the dry mix and cover well with mix. Fry the batons in a pan of hot oil until golden brown. Scoop out of pan and let them dry on a paper towel to absorb excess oil. These are delicious served warm with a side of a Beetroot Dip or by themselves.