By receiving these assets you agree to the following: By receiving free assets, I confirm that I am an authorized representative of a business with a Wine Companion Winery or Retail Membership. I agree to comply with Wine Companion’s Brand Guidelines, and acknowledge that any use of these promotional assets must conform to such guidelines. I agree that I will not alter, abbreviate, re-colour, resize, separate, move, shorten, combine or otherwise modify these promotional assets in any way, share them with others outside of my business, or use them in a manner that is false or misleading to consumers or disparaging to Wine Companion, including any use that suggests an associate or relationship with Wine Companion or James Halliday beyond the scope of the Wine Companion Membership. All digital asset use must include a link back to the Wine Companion website including but not limited to website use and newsletter inclusions. I agree to use these promotional assets solely to encourage users to engage and promote by business. I warrant that the assets are an original work and the copyright belongs to Wine Companion and James Halliday. I understand and acknowledge my use of the promotional assets is revocable and can be revoked at any time by Wine Companion.

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