Fundraising For Motor Neurone’s Disease28 March 2019 – posted in: Uncategorized

Fundraising for MND

We would like to thank everyone for the purchasing tickets to the Swaggers Finale and MND Fundraising Lunch. Cupitt’s and The Swaggers are very happy that we could use The Swaggers final show as an opportunity to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease NSW and a member of our community who is managing MND.

What is MND?

Nerve cells (neurones) control the muscles that enable us to move, speak, breathe and swallow. Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is the name given to a group of diseases in which these neurones fail to work normally. Muscles then gradually weaken and waste, as neurones degenerate and die.  Cupitt’s will be donating half the money raised to MND NSW.


Motor Neurone Disease Association of New South Wales Inc provides information, support and education about Motor Neurone Disease for people living with the disease, their families, friends and carers. They also provide information and education about MND for health, community and residential care professionals. You can donate directly to MND NSW here.

A Room Full of Love – Jen Bowden

Jen Bowden and her young family moved to the Milton-Ulladulla area almost 20 years ago. Jen has recently been diagnosed with MND and the local community are very committed to help raise money to help Jen and her family in the challenging time ahead. Money raised will help Jen and her family spend some quality time together and to provide much needed medical resources to ensure the best quality of life possible.  Cupitt’s will be donating half the money raised to Jen’s charity – A Room Full of Love.

If you aren’t making it to the event but would still like to contribute to Jen’s fundraiser please visit the Fundraising Page.

Sunday Sessions at Cupitt’s with Jen Bowden, Eva Adams, Kerri Wild, Tracey Pye and Collette Tucker

A Charity Close to Our Hearts

MND NSW is a charity close to the Cupitt’s hearts. Libby Cupitt recently said goodbye to her Aunt,  Meg Lloyd, who was affected by MND for four years. Meg was also a Registered Nurse and a big believer in helping others; she was committed to contributing to MND Research. She would always give her time to help medical research and her husband Peter commended the organisation MND NSW for their hands-on practical approach and being very active in supporting bother sufferers and caters.

Libby Cupitt with her Aunt Meg Lloyd