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Raising money for Caleb, Meghan and their kids – Maple Ridge Goat Dairy

Caleb and Meghan Graham set up their goat dairy at Falls Creeks, south of Nowra around 5 years ago. Caleb is from Dairy farming family near Nowra and wanted to diversify into goat’s milk as there is a big demand for the milk.

Caleb has put in a lot of research into the type of goats to milk, the feed to give them and also did artificial insemination in order to obtain the right breeding to produce a good amount of milk and from the right breeds.
When he started the business the feed costs were at an acceptable level but since the drought has hit (and there is  no end in sight) the cost of feed has risen to beyond a sustainable cost and the bank has foreclosed on the business, which includes Caleb and Meghan’s home.They have three children who have lived only at Falls Creek and will have to move when the property is sold. It is the only home they can remember.
Caleb has managed to sell the entire herd to a dairy in Tasmania to pay back some of the debt.
This drought is one of the worst on record and the dairy industry in particular is being badly affected. There is not feed available at normal prices and no sign the drought will end in the near future.

Feed prices are still through the roof, I don’t always get to post, but we are still out walking the goats every day! So thankful for our neighbours who let us eat the undergrowth! Such a tough season

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Cupitt’s started working with Maple Ridge before we opened Cupitt Fromagerie. It was the quality of Caleb’s milk that drove us to focus on the goat’s milk cheese. We could not believe our luck that we could access this milk down the road.

We are devastated for what this hard working family are going through and after the success of a fundraiser in March for MND decided to raise money to support this family in times of hardship.

Throughout the June Long Weekend we are raising money for the Graham family.