FAQ around Cupitt’s trading during COVID-19 Restrictions10 August 2020 – posted in: Event News, Winery, Craft Ales, Restaurant

Cupitt's Restaurant

We have listed a few frequently asked questions to assist with your enquiries around visiting trading with Covid-19 restrictions

We are aware times are tough at the moment, and to ensure we are maintaining a safe and enjoyable dining experience there have been some changes to the way we serve our wonderful guests.

We want our guests to know that we clean and sanitise all our furniture, cutlery, crockery and glassware after every use. Our dining rooms and facilities are cleaned and sanitised after every service, and we take our hand hygiene seriously.

Our staff are being provided with masks for them to use if they wish, however we are not mandating the use currently because we feel we can safely deliver the Cupitt’s Estate experience with our current practices in place. We also respect our guest’s decision to wear a mask if they choose. We have an allocated COVID Safety Marshall working in each shift who is there to ensure the cleanliness of our venue to the standard we expect and may check in with you that you are adhering to our COVID Safety Policy.

Some things we have to do together; signing in on arrival, respecting social distancing, and maintaining good hand hygiene.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cupitt’s Estate to enjoy the dining experience you know and love, and together we’ll see this through.

What days is Cupitt’s Estate open for restaurant bookings?

We are opening the restaurant Wednesday (lunch only), Thursday (lunch only), Friday & Saturday – lunch and dinner with two sittings and Sunday (lunch only)

Can I visit casually for pizza and bar food and drinks?

Yes, are now offering our pizza and bar food menu Wednesday – Sunday. You can book a table on the lawn HERE Bookings are 90 minutes however if there is no demand for the table you can stay longer than your 90-minute allocation. Please note that lawn bookings are entirely weather-dependent and in poor weather conditions your booking will be cancelled.

We are excited to announce we have two ways of ordering the casual menu. You can order with our staff or completely contactless via the me&u beacon on the table. You can learn more about this HERE

We have tables available for Walk-ins however, due to restrictions, we cannot guarantee a table, and there may be a waiting period before you can acquire a table. We also need to collect contact information from all seated guests, please check in using the QR code on the menus.

In addition to the casual food offering, we also have the Cheese and Wine Experience. 

What if it is raining or very windy and we have a lawn booking?

Your booking will be cancelled and if there are any deposits paid this will be refunded.

What if the weather is sunny?

We cannot guarantee that all tables on the lawn will have shade, particularly as the sun moves throughout the day. Please dress for sun protection and wear a hat.

Can I arrive early for my booking for a drink or wine tasting?

Guests booked in for 12pm or 6pm can arrive early for a drink at the table. Please do not arrive early for any other booking times. Each table is allocated 90 minutes and we have a 15 minute cleaning time after each booking. Guests in the second sitting please should not arrive early but are welcome to stay longer than the 90-minute allocation.

Will you still have live music ‘Sunday Sessions’?

While the restrictions are in place for all guests to be seated we will not be hosting live music events.

How much is the Tasting Menu?

The menu is $80 per person and pre-payment is required.

What if I don’t eat everything on the Tasting Menu?

Please review the menu before your booking and let our staff know of any dislikes and allergies. We can accommodate most requests, with advance notice.

What is your cancellation policy?

Full refund is offered with 24-hour notice.

Is the Cellar Door Open for Wine Tasting?

We are currently offering wine tastings in the Cellar Door by appointment only. To make an appointment please email us and we will book you in. Maximum of 4 people per group and the cost is $10 redeemable on purchase. Everyone is to be seated for the tasting and must leave their contact details.

We also have a seated Cheese and Wine Tasting Experience which is booked in advance. The experience includes 5 wines (50ml) and a cheese selection to be enjoyed on the lawn at your leisure.  Spaces are limited and must be paid in advance. BOOK HERE

Takeaway wine and beer are available from the shop from 11am – 5pm or online.

I am not ready to dine in restaurants but want to enjoy the menu, are you offering takeaway?

Our hot takeaway menu is available Wednesday – Sunday lunchtime from 12pm – 3.30pm.

We have a take-home menu available for diners wanting to take home meals, wine, beer and cheese available from the Cellar Door Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm. 

Do you have a kids menu available?

We have allocated a maximum of 5 kids per sitting for the time being.  The kids menu is a choice of Spaghetti & Meatballs, Fish & Chips and Chicken & Chips with icecream & chocolate sauce for dessert. 

What is on the Tasting Menu? 

Here’s a sample menu. It changes weekly once we see what goodies are ready in our Kitchen Garden.


What staff practices are in place to prevent COVID-19?

Cupitt’s Estate staff will adhere to strict hygiene practices throughout their shift, including regular handwashing and sanitising between visiting tables. Tables and seating will be sanitised after every booking.  No water bottles or salt and peppers will be on the dining room table in the restaurant dining room. Our friendly staff will provide this for you on request. 

What customer practices are in place to prevent COVID-19?

Everyone has an obligation to stay at home while displaying any symptoms such as fever or coughing. Businesses have the right to refuse service and insist that anyone with these symptoms leaves the premises.  We have also the following procedures in place for the protection of our staff and other patrons:

  • We need to know the name, email address and contact number for every diner – please fill out our survey prior to your reservation and check-in using the COVID Registeron arrival. 
  • There will be hand sanitiser available outside the restaurant; please use before you enter.
  • Wait for the host to take you to your seats.
  • Maximum of 10 guests per table.
  • The menu will be yours to keep; otherwise, it will be disposed of. 
  • Please do not offer a handshake or touch any of the Cupitt’s Estate staff.
  • If you use the bathrooms, please use the sanitiser provided before you enter and once you exit the restrooms. 
  • Please physically distance yourself at 1.5m as you move around the restaurant from other guests. 
  • Please pay your account at the table with a credit card.
  • Exit the restaurant from the ‘Exit Only’ door, not the entry door. 

We are so excited to be able to share our space with you and welcome you back to Cupitt’s Estate. Any questions, just give us a call on 4455 7888 or email [email protected].

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