april 2015

29apr(apr 29)10:00 am17jun(jun 17)1:00 amArt Exhibition - Sally Willbanks - May 2015

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About the Artist

Australian-born Sally Willbanks graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has had a varied artistic career, from restoring vintage posters, painting for the Danbury Mint, owning and operating an art program for kids, to culminating in painting full time and running a gallery in her local town. She is also the owner of Australia’s premier art reproduction business, Canvas River. She currently resides in Australia, about three hours south of Sydney.

About Her Abstract Artwork

Sally’s work is a journey into abstract expressionism. It is an exploration of emotion, of painting the unseen. Sally wishes to present the viewer with a starting point for their own discovery into an emotional zone, with each painting actively drawing in the viewer without guiding them on what to think or what to feel. Sally relies on the viewer’s internal reaction to the painting, without predetermining what she wishes to communicate, allowing the viewer to travel a personal journey.

Sally is interested in developing her own artistic voice, a language of mark-making and flourishing brushwork. Her process is intuitive, raw and energetic, with frenetic brushwork punctuated with areas of quiet that denote a sense of silence amidst the turmoil. Her mark-making often contains a scrawl that, from a distance, is mistaken for handwriting. This draws the viewer in to decipher the message hidden amongst the brushwork, however, upon closer examination the scrawl turns out to be a grafitti-like scribble containing no actual letters, and therefore no meaning by which to lead the viewer. The mood of the work is guided by colour and the physicality of the brush strokes, much like music is guided by rhythm and scale. In saying this, music plays a large role in Sally’s paintings, with the music listened to while painting guiding the artist’s internal mood as well as the external cadence of mark-making and brushwork. Sally finds abstract painting to be a very introspective art form, and is interested in the disparity between painting her innermost feelings and projecting them onto large canvases for the public to behold. Sally wishes to bring to the viewer a piece of herself, while leaving them room to contemplate the unseen in her artwork.



April 29 (Wednesday) 10:00 am - June 17 (Wednesday) 1:00 am