EVENT HERE THIS YEAR 4 February 2020 – posted in: Event News

Hold your event on the South Coast
Over the past few months, bushfires have torn through our communities. But, through the worst, we have seen the best of Australians. Generosity, resilience and a sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of each other that can only be described as mateship. And yet the challenge isn’t over. 










The Australian communities who rely on Tourism to thrive need your support. Australian businesses are being urged to hold conferences, events, exhibitions and meetings in Australia this year, under a new campaign by the Australian Government to get more business events into fire-affected regions. 

Take your team up and down the coast, head inland, fly across the breadth of this land. There are beds, venues and experiences aplenty. And support all the incredible people who live here. Because now, more than any other time, Australia needs you to say, “Let’s event here this year.” 








When it comes to events you can’t get a better host than Cupitt’s Estate in Ulladulla, our natural backdrop is unbeatable and our hospitality is second to none. What’s more, you can help our tourism industry get back on its feet in the wake of these devastating fires – this is a win-win. Cupitt’s Estate has the facilities to host both small and large-scale events or be a part of broader itinerary providing your team or delegates with food and drink activities.

If you would like to help, please get in touch with our Events Team to discuss your event on the South Coast this year. We have a range of options to discuss. Please contact our Events Manager Bianca Moseley.