CUPITTS WIN SIX MEDALS AT INDIES BEER AWARDS18 July 2018 – posted in: Event News, Craft Ales

Cupitt Craft Brewers joined 100’s of other independent brewers around Australia last month at the Independent Brewers Conference called Brewcon in Sydney (late June 2018). Head Brewer Liam Jackson says ‘Brewcon was a great opportunity to learn from as well as be inspired by some of the best brewers in the industry, as well as keeping abreast of the latest technology and brewing science’. The conference concludes with the judging of the independent beer awards known as The Indies 2018.

The Indies are judged by a respected panel of national beer judges and are an invaluable platform for brewers to benchmark their beers and to showcase and celebrate excellence in independent craft beer.

Organised by the Independent Brewers Association (IBA), The Indies are open for entry to Australian independent brewing companies (as defined by the IBA) who distribute their entered beer in Australia.

This year, The Indies had a total of 756 entries, of which 443 were draught and 313 were packaged. Pale Ale accounted for 179 of the entries, with 14 awarded a gold medal, 42 a silver and 70 a bronze. The only other double-digit gold medal-winning style was Hybrid Beer with 10 entries receiving an award (including Cupitt’s). Lager had 114 entries and India Pale Ale had 103 entries, which showed they are retaining their popularity among brewers and drinkers.

Cupitt Craft Brewers submitted six beers into the awards and all six were awarded a medal of which four are silver awards and two are bronze. The results of the beers entered by Cupitt Craft Brewers were as follows:

  • Arneis Co-ferment – Silver Medal (category: Hybrid Beer)
  • Golden Ale – Silver Medal (category: European-Style Ale)
  • Pale Ale – Silver Medal (category: Pale Ale)
  • Smoked Porter – Silver Medal (category: Porter-Stout)
  • IPA – Bronze Medal (category: India Pale Ale)
  • Mosaic Session Ale – Bronze Medal (category: Session Beer)

Liam Jackson was pleased with the results. “I’m extremely chuffed by our results at The Indies. Our results are up there with some of the best in the country. We’re serious about good beer!
On a personal note, It’s very humbling to be judged alongside brewers and breweries that I personally have always looked up to, and considered pioneers of craft brewing in Australia.
I am also proud of the variety of beers that we received medals for. We are not a “one trick brewery” – whatever beer we make, we strive for excellence, which really is what we aim for across the board at Cupitts.”


Note: The Independent Brewers Association is the national peak body representing Australian independent brewers. Under the IBA Constitution, an independent brewer is defined as any brewery based in Australia: which has aggregate beer sales of less than 40M litres per calendar year.