Cupitt’s Success at the Sydney Royal25 February 2020 – posted in: Cheese

Last night Cupitt’s Estate was successful in achieving both Silver and Bronze Medals for excellence in the Australian Cheese & Dairy Industry.  These awards were celebrated at the Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Produce Awards.

Head Cheesemaker, Rosie Cupitt said “I’m thrilled to gain acknowledgement for Cupitt’s cheeses in our first ever entry in a Cheese Competition! Angel and I have been working diligently to produce quality cheese, so to receive recognition is very pleasing for me as the founder of the Fromagerie.”

There were over 799 exhibits judged in total, across 90 classes of the Show. A total of 20 Champions and a further 117 Gold, 201 Silver and 319 Bronze Sydney Royal medals were awarded.

Rosie went on to explain that “each of the cheeses we entered has received a medal. Our Tomme de Chèvre was actually the highest score in its category. The cheeses were judged against some of the biggest cheese producers in Australia so we’re extra proud to have done so well. One of the largest categories in the Show is Bloomy Moulds and our Veuve was up against many brie and camembert styles and was the equal fourth highest score. To me this is a great achievement as the Veuve is a unique cheese styled from Champagne Region’s Chaource and quite different to a Brie or Camembert.”

There were good results for the South Coast all round with Unicorn, Tilba and Bodalla all gaining medals for their cheeses.


VEUVE – Cow’s Milk
This bloomy rind cheese can be eaten young or left to age for up to 6 weeks when it will develop more complex flavours and become runny at the edges. Rich buttery flavours.



Our Flagship Cheese, aged for 20 months. A  hard cheese full of flavours, with fruity, burnt caramel and nutty notes.



Fresh cheese with a soft velvety texture and a mellow finish. The paste is bright white in colour.



FLOR AZUL – Cow’s Milk
A version of gorgonzola, this cheese has a soft /fudgy/creamy texture with mild blue strength and earthy flavours. The paste is creamy yellow in colour with a mottled rind.



CROOBYAR – Cow’s Mik
An Alpine-style cheese aged for  12 months. Firm yet supple texture with a few small eyes in the centre of the paste. Flavours are complex and nutty, with a hint of sweet butter. The rind is the same colour as the paste, deep rich yellow.