Cupitt’s Brewers & Appellation Oysters create Shoalhaven Oyster Stout25 June 2019 – posted in: Winery, Craft Ales, Restaurant, Uncategorized

Oyster Stout

It’s no secret that beer and seafood make excellent companions. One classic pairing is oysters and dark beer such as stout or porter. It’s been that way since 1800’s London when oysters were pulled right out of the River Thames, shucked, then slurped down with a majestic glass of dark beer. In the early Victorian period, porters and stouts were everyday beers and oysters were common bar snacks.  

Brewers and chefs today echo that sentiment from years ago, ‘the contrast of the rich roastiness of the stout and the salinity of the oyster is a no brainer’ says Head brewer Liam Jackson. Just imagine a lovely platter of raw oysters on ice sitting next to a glass full of dark, rich stout. The bivalves’ briny and mineral flavors complementing the roasted, chocolate and coffee characteristics of the beer.  

Now imagine those oysters actually brewed in the beer – meat, shells, brackish liquid and all. With the flavors of oysters filling a wide spectrum including sweet, salty, earthy, creamy, herbaceous, melon and vegetal, it’s not hard to imagine the effect they would have on a beer.

Cupitt Craft Brewers and Appellation Oysters combined forces to create an Oyster Stout which we will release at an Oyster Extravaganza at Cupitt’s on Monday 1st July. This was made by the addition of 3 kilos of Shoalhaven (award winning) oysters – brine, meat and shell that were boiled in the kettle. The result is a delicious stout with an increased mineral character and a gentle salinity that helps cut through the rich roasted malt flavours.

Want to be the first to try it? Why not join our Oyster Degustation and Masterclass on Monday 1st July at 12pm. Hear from Appellation Oysters CEO Mark Allsop as he gives a Masterclass on South Coast Oysters, followed by a five course lunch with paired drinks and talks from the winemaker, brewer and oyster farmers. 

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