Cupitt’s Kitchen Garden

In 2016 we enlisted Adrian Baiada from My Square Metre to design a kitchen garden that would provide a playground of flavours, scents and fresh produce for the Cupitt Chefs and Bar Staff to experiment with and develop seasonal dishes and beverages, while being strongly founded in sustainable best practice.

Having license to up-cycle, Adrian developed the garden with all manner of salvaged timber, chairs, doors, bathtubs, wine barrels, pallets, screens, posts, fences, gates, and windows from the Cupitt farm and winery. This mash-up of materials not only reduced the ecological footprint of the garden but embedded it with a physical memory of the Cupitt’s journey.

With the Cupitt’s commitment to living the Slow Food philosophy of fostering a food culture that is good for those who grow it, enjoy it and good for the planet, the Kitchen Garden has been built on food growing techniques from organic and sustainable agriculture, biodynamic farming and permaculture design.

These techniques focus on building healthy, chemical-free soils through recycling kitchen food scraps, grape mark and spent beer grain in the Kitchen Garden compost and worm farming systems. It’s our aim to recycle 100% of our organic waste.

Keeping true to these nature-based approaches to growing food, the Kitchen Garden is peppered with edible flowers and habitat building plants that encourage beneficial insects such as ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies as a method of managing pests chemically free.

No garden is complete without some feathered friends so you’ll find ducks and chickens living together in Kitchen Garden bliss providing fresh daily eggs in exchange for some kitchen food scraps and the best view in the house.


Our Kitchen Garden is now currently maintained by our garden team of Adrian and Gavin who are always more than happy to have a chat about the latest harvest and take folks through our edible wonderland.

Here’s what we’ll be bringing you this Spring and Summer:

Pink Fir Apple Potatoes  | Heirloom Tomatoes | Chioggia + Golden Detroit Beets | Dutch + Purple Carrots | Radish | Mulberries
Zucchini Flowers | Salad Greens | Salad Mash | Rocket | Endive Sorrel| Warrigal Greens | Kale | Swiss Chard | Nettle | Basil | Chives Parsley | Thyme | Mint | Rosemary | Coriander | Lemon Balm | Dill Chervil | Sage | Oregano | French Tarragon| Rhubarb | Boysenberry  Alpine Strawberry | Orange Blossom | Cucumber |
Purple String Beans | Pea Flower + Tendrils | Viola + Dianthus Flowers Marigold | Cress | Spring Onion | Purslane | Geranium
Red Amaranth | Elderberry | Chicken + Duck Eggs | Nasturtium

A Kitchen Garden Tour is available as part of our Tour and Taste Experience.