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Cupitt’s are collaborating with Appellation Oysters to bring an exciting event and craft beer to you on Monday 1 July. Appellation Oysters is a rigorous program for the identification and selection of the best quality oysters from the 13 NSW estuaries under the Australia Oyster Coast umbrella. Only the very best oyster is awarded Appellation status.

Appellation selection begins at the farm prior to harvest.  The farmers carefully select oysters that are sent to the AOC grading facility where every oyster is scrutinised and graded by Waite Derwent, AOC’s Head Oyster Sommelier (and 5th generation oysterman) and his experienced team.

In the wine industry we talk about ‘terroir’ which is the term  for the special alchemy that occurs when environmental factors, farming practices, the attributes of land and soils from a specific place combine to create the favour profile of a wine. Like the wine industry, the oyster industry works to a merroir system which similarly distinguishes the favours and textures of an oyster based on its marine environment as well as the farming and harvesting practices of the estuary in which it is grown. When embarking on an oyster gastro-journey, you are travelling through the oyster’s marine environment and the nuanced favour profile of each oyster is an expression of its particular place of origin.

This event is designed to show you the Merroir of the South Coast estuaries. The oyster focused menu will be paired with Cupitt’s boutique wines and beer and  will take place at Cupitt’s on Monday 1st July.

You are invited to take part in an Appellation Oyster Masterclass and talks from Cupitt’s Head winemaker Wally Cupitt and Head Brewer Liam Jackson. Mingle with the chefs and the oyster farmers. A truly unique experience.


Australia’s Oyster Coast (AOC) and Cupitt Craft Brewers collaborated in May to create a limited release Oyster Stout brewed with Gold Medal winning Shoalhaven Oysters. The Oyster Stout was made by mashing a range of barley malts and rolled oats together to form a sweet wort. This wort was then brought to the boil, where hops were added for a balancing bitterness. Then 3 kilos of freshly shucked oysters – brine, meat and shell – were added into the boil kettle. Once cooled into the fermenting vessel, a British ale strain was added to carry out the magic of converting wort into beer.

The finished result is an oatmeal stout with a unique twist. The beer presents with a persistent head, and initial aromas are of vanilla, chocolate and coffee. Upon drinking, the subtle contribution from the oysters comes through in a salinity which helps to cut through the rich flavours and keep the beer quite dry. Calcium from the addition of the oyster shells adds a slight, almost chalky, minerality to the beer.


The Appellation Oysters and Cupitt Collaboration is sure to be a fun, informative and delicious event. To buy tickets visit out shop.

Tickets are $125

Details are as follows:

12pm – Arrival Prosecco or Cupitt Craft Beer (drop and oyster in your glass and watch it dance.

12.30pm Masterclass with CEO Mark Allsop tasting oysters of the South Coast. Enjoy meeting the oyster farmers, hearing talks from the brewer and wine maker.


Freshly shucked oysters, cider, seaweed, shallot vinegar

Nage Poached Ocean Trout, smoked oyster, grapefruit, horseradish

Roast Blue Eye Cod, creamed leek, oyster leaf, champagne and oyster emulsion

Wagyu Beef, oyster mushrooms, wort poached oyster, stout and oyster sauce

Rhubarb mousse, poached rhubarb and meringue, yoghurt sorbet

Menu is subject to change