Cupitt’s Fromagerie Cheese for Sale13 May 2016 – posted in: Event News, Winery, Restaurant, Cheese

More than just a winery- Cupitt’s is also a boutique Fromagerie.  Wine and cheese are two of life’s great culinary pleasures, and our Cellar Door now offers both for sale. Rosie Cupitt has been perfecting her cheese making craft and we now have available a variety of Goat’s Milk Cheese for sale including:-

Buche de Chèvre

Buche is an exquisite soft-ripened cheese made from goat’s milk . The white pate of Buche de Chèvre reveals a complex yet typical, bold taste of French goat cheeses underlined by sweet notes of caramel. Soft and creamy with a flaky centre, the cheese instantly melts in the mouth.  The crisp fruit character of the Brut Cuvee  highlights the lemon and citrus flavours of this cheese.  The acidity of both the wine and the cheese work in harmony with one not overpowering the other.  The bead of the wine is a pleasant textural foil to the chalky centre of the Buche.  Together there is a harmonious balance of flavour and texture which stimulate the taste buds for more.

Phukkah Buche 

Our proprietary blend of Australian seaweed, pistachio and Mediterranean herbs is used to coat the Buche de Chèvre. Phukkah is a product of Phyco Food Co (

Persian Feta

Our goat feta is slowly set to enable the full flavour of the goat milk to come through, without being ‘goaty’ or gamey’. The texture of the cheese is smooth and spreadable with a fresh and light flavour. Marinated in robust Australian olive oil scented with fresh and dried French herbs and garlic, this Persian feta is available in 300g jars or 1kg tubs for wholesale customers. Eat it straight out of the jar, add to salad, bruschetta, toss through pasta or risotto great for tapas plate or antipasto plate.


A similar style to Camembert, this is a creamy, surface-ripened  goats’ milk cheese. The style was first made in the late 18th century at Camembert, Normandy in northern France .  It’s enticing with a supple paste and has a sweet quality  and subtle nutty  undertones which pair well with the bold apricot flavour and hints of spice.  The creamy texture of the cheese is  well supported by the pallet weight of the Viognier , the acidity of the wine gives a structure to the pair.

Goat Brie 

 Cupitt’s Goat brie is even milder than its cow milk inspiration. The rind is remarkably thin, the paste inside like cream, and the flavor sweet and delicate with only the slightest undercurrent of citrus tang that betrays the cheese’s goaty origin.

Tomme de Chèvre

Tomme de Chèvre is a moist, white uncooked pressed cheese with a bluish gray bloomy rind.   The cheese is matured for 2-6 months before being sold in the form of a tometta or toma cylinder.  Hints of  sweet hazelnuts are complemented by this creamy  rich chardonnay.  The acidity of the wine is light and in perfect balance which amplifies the texture of the cheese.  Nuances of salt and caramel finish of the cheese are cohesive with the round rich flavour of the chardonnay.

Alpine Tomme 

This cheese has really rich, savoury, cheddary notes and a moist, dense texture. The goats milk wheels are washed over a long 3-6 months of aging, which creates amazing depth and complexity. We keep the washing going so you can count on a pleasantly musty, grassy introduction followed by sweet, creamy fruity flavors and a tangy, metallic finish. Our Dusty Dog Shiraz compliments this rascally goat and its light, peppery sharpness, as does the Cupitt Pilsner and Bockalicious, as the flavors are typically approachable and mellow, providing a delicate balance of toasted bread, gentle sweetness, and mild hop bitterness for structure.

Caprino  Romano

Romano cheese is a type of cheese that is known for being very hard, salty and sharp. True romano cheese is made from sheep’s milk, pecorino romano, Caprino Romano made from goat’s milk is often referred to as ‘poor man’s pecorino’ .  There are two different kinds of Caprino Romano cheese: Caprino Fresco and Caprino Stagionato. Caprino Fresco is a fresh cheese usually eaten on the fourth day after production when the cheese is nice and creamy. Has a bitter sweet, creamy, and slightly citrus taste. Caprino Stagionato  is aged for around 1 month. Because of the aging, the flavor is saltier and more tangy. It also has a thin yellowish rind.


Cupitt’s Crottin is lovely and rustic. The little round package of cheese packs a wallop of tangy, sharp flavor. As the cheese ages it becomes drier and increasingly intense, a bit gamy, and terribly delicious. You can’t go wrong with pairing this cheese with our Alphonse Sauvignon Blanc.

Stout Cheese

Stout Beer  is poured over  goats’ curd and allowed to bond.  It is later hand dipped and pressed into blocks for aging. The result is a firm cheese with a marbling of dark ale throughout.   The flavours are savoury and tangy balanced by the sweetness and coffee notes of the stout. Aromas are buttery and creamy, shadowed by flavours of ale. The malty chocolate  flavour works well with this  fruit driven wine.  Rich generous flavours of raspberry and black cherries  are accentuated by  bitterness of the stout cheese.  The subtle tannins and soft mid pallet do not overpower the cheese .

Mild Blue

A blue goat? Yes, of course! This cheese is aged for several months, but retains a stunning delicateness. Slice it open and find a bright white, moist paste, laced with a grayish-green blueing. Like ice cream(!): sweet under a bit of earthiness, milky, and fabulously luscious. Our Mild Blue doesn’t just taste like blue; it tastes like meaty, toasty, clean cheese, spiked with a perfect dose of sharp salitiness as a wonderful footnote. Perfect with a wine with a touch of Sweetness like our Late Harvest Riesling.  Or toss in a salad with candy walnuts and peppery greens.

Aged Goat Gouda

This aged Goudas has a crunchy, crystalline texture, and butterscotch and bourbon flavors. This goat cheese was made for aging to sweeten and mellow with time. It’s luxurious dulce de leche in cheese form, sweet and savory with little protein crystals to nibble.