Cupitt Rated 5-Star Winery and “Dark Horse” by Halliday Wine Companion 20184 August 2017 – posted in: Winery, Restaurant

Congratulations to Wally Cupitt and the team for achieving their first ever 5-star Winery rating and being named a “Dark Horse”  in the Halliday Wine Companion 2018.  This is a milestone for Wally who set a personal goal to achieve a 5-star rating within his first 5 years of winemaking at Cupitt’s.

Dark Horse Winemaker Wally Cupitt
Dark Horse Winemaker Wally Cupitt

To qualify as one of the 10 Industry Dark Horses the winery has to receive the 5-star rating for the first time and have a history of lesser ratings.

“Cupitt’s Winery has been knocking on the door of a 5-star rating for a number of years,  and blew it wide open for this edition of Wine Companion….the quality of the wines and the modesty of the prices is as commendable as it is unusual”

Wines receiving 95 points were 

2016 HilltopsRiesling

2016 ‘Alphonse’ Sauvignon –Buy now in shop

2015 ‘Alphonse’ Sauvignon

2015 Hilltops Shiraz-Buy now in shop

2015 Hilltops Nebbiolo

Other Wines that rated highly

2015 Chardonnay 94 points Buy now in shop

2015 Hilltops Merlot 93 points

2016 ‘Mia Bella’ Arneis 92 Points

2016 ‘The Pointer’ Pinot Noir 92 Points

2015 Carolyn’s Cabernet 91 Points

2016 Viognier 90 points

2014 ‘Dusty Dog’ Shiraz 90 Points