Cupitt Craft Ales Coming Soon16 August 2014 – posted in: Craft Ales

Wally & Tom Cupitt making Craft Ales

The Cupitt family is well known for its wine, but soon craft ale will be on the menu. Brothers Wally and Tom Cupitt are looking forward to making their first batch of ale in the district’s first commercial brewery.

Work has started on the district’s first brewery and production is expected to commence in September 2014.

At Cupitt’s we see craft beer as part of the food revolution. We have always believed in the dining benefits of matching food and wine and firmly believe beer is no exception to this. Beer is complex; it is like a culinary dish itself, made out of more ingredients following a recipe. The process is faster than wine and less effected by climate and other agricultural impacts.

Beer is perfect for food pairing; it often can have similar characteristics of wine such as fruit, acidity, tannins and other aromatic flavours. However, beer offers other unique characteristics such as the flavours from the roast, and caramelisation, so beer can taste like coffee or chocolate.

Oysters for example have been classically matched with Stout. The deep, roasted maltiness and creamy finish of Stout possess a legendary ability to heighten the briny, salt-sprayed flavours and creaminess of oysters. Our proximity to Australia’s Oyster Coast will ensure that we can offer this delicious match as a permanent fixture on our menu.  

Other beers will include a Lager, India Pale Ale (IPA) and a traditional Cask Ale.