Carrot Ketchup Recipe31 July 2020 – posted in: Recipes

Turn your carrots into the condiment of your dreams with our amazing Carrot Ketchup recipe.

You’ll be whipping this up and taking your homemade dishes to the next level in no time!


1kg Carrots

100g Brown Sugar

125ml White Wine Vinegar

1.5 teaspoons Salt

0.5 teaspoon Xanthum


STEP 1: Wash and peel carrots

STEP 2: Cook carrots with 25ml (about 2 tablespoons) of White Wine Vinegar and half a teaspoon of salt until soft. Add vinegar as needed to cook and soften the carrots, but not too much! No one likes watery ketchup.

STEP 3: Shred carrots (but not to a paste!) using a hand held stick blender or food processor

STEP 4: Add the brown sugar and remaining white wine vinegar, cook through until moisture evaporates

STEP 5: Add the Xanthum and blitz it all together again in a thermomix (or use your stick mixer/food processor while it’s still simmering) until smooth.

STEP 6: Add seasoning as required