Barelywine is here!9 July 2019 – posted in: Craft Ales, Workshops, Uncategorized

Cupitt Barleywine

The wait is over, Cupitt Craft Brewers has released their first Barleywine.

Barleywines are among the strongest of all beer styles. The style originates from the UK, and can be traced back to the 18th century. Given the high alcohol content, they were traditionally, and often still are, aged in wood. Examples brewed to British traditions are typically less bitter, and less strong, than modern “American Barleywine” styles.

Barleywines hold a special place in the heart of Cupitt’s Head Brewer Liam, because they demonstrate the richness and complexity that beer can carry. A well cellared barleywine can develop flavours similar in character and intensity to a sherry, think dried fruit and subtle oxidative notes. They are a true sipping beer, and the most majestic of all beer styles (at least in Liam’s opinion!).

Cupitt Craft Brewers brewed a batch of Barleywine in July last year, and it is currently maturing in an oak barrel that formerly played host to Cab Sav in the winery. They say good things take time, and this big beer is now available in 500ml bottles. 

To order Barleywine you can visit the shop HERE

Want to learn more about Barleywine, join Head Brewer Liam Jackson on a Discovery Beer Session on Saturday 27th July. Further details plus tickets can be found here.

Enjoy at Cupitt’s or at home