Award Success at the Shoalhaven Business Awards30 August 2019 – posted in: Winery, Restaurant, Uncategorized

Cupits win at Shoalhaven Business Awards


Cupitt’s in Ulladulla were finalists in three categories at the Shoalhaven Business Awards held at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre on Friday 23rd August. The business successfully won the award for the categories Excellence in Tourism & Hospitality and Excellence in Sustainability.

“We are thrilled to have won in two categories that are at the core of our business. Looking after our customers and the environment” said Libby Cupitt, Customer Experience Manager of Cupitt’s. “ We always look to keep improving and innovating in everything with are doing. So to win these categories for the second year in a row is wonderful. Our staff really embrace sustainability and have led the way in terms of innovation and change at Cupitt’s so we are very grateful to them. It is a category every business should want to win as it is so important we all keep working on how we can do things better.

The Excellence in Sustainability is an aligned category and Cupitt’s will now go on to represent our region at the Illawarra Business Awards in Wollongong on Friday 18th October 2019. Joining them is local business J&T Dale Plumbing who were successful in the category Excellence in Small Business. Libby Cupitt remarked ‘It is a shame to not see more entrants from the Milton Ulladulla area to the Shoalhaven Business Awards. There are so many businesses doing a fantastic job in our community and I would love to see them get recognised for their contribution to our local economy.

Cupitt's Fresh produce
Cupitt’s grows much of its menu produce on site.