The Adventures of Rosie and Griff2 September 2017 – posted in: Rosie's Tips

Anyone who knows Rosie Cupitt is aware of how much she loves to travel. At Cupitt’s we are constantly being asked for Rosie’s travel tips so we asked her to keep a bit of a journal during her current trip to share with you all.

This trip they are visiting Japan, France, Spain, Portugal and the UK

First stop on the adventure is Tokyo, here is Rosie’s Story…

Day 1

Leisurely stroll to Omote Sando area which is very like Paris with a wide tree lined boulevard and very chic crowds ready to shop at the designer stores.

Behind this boulevard are small streets filled with boutiques, galleries and great eating spots. We popped in to one which was a simple ramen diner. Cute. Ordered through the ticket machine and enjoyed a tasty bowl of noodles. Thought of Will slurping his noodles on that video…

Spent the afternoon wandering and getting a feel for the cleanest city in the world and imagining how chaotic Scramble Crossing must be in high season!

Dinner was really good. On recommendation from my daughter Sophie and her husband Andrew we booked Higoshi Yama in Meguro and headed out in a taxi. It is very discreet and doesn’t look at all as if a restaurant is behind the fence. A small sign identifies Lounge and Restaurant. The driver was worried we were in the wrong place.

We had a wonderful 9 course degustation sitting at the bar watching the chefs and the waiter prepare the freshest food for us. Sashimi, Tempura, Beef, prawns, noodles all with such extraordinary flavours, and a yummy green tea milk pudding that was so good. Our wines were Japanese….Albarino, Chardonnay and a Merlot and all very good, particularly the chardy. Loved the label the Merlot 

Day 2

Our guide Yukataro took us to the fish markets and described the workings of the world’s biggest fish market. The commercial auction begins at 5 and some days you are allowed to go in after 10am, so we did. Amazing fish and the tuna is so big. Many different types of seafood and the sellers are so proud of their produce. There is lots to buy at the markets in general with veggies, dried fish, cooking implements, crockery all on sale in the exterior stalls. Some 30 stallholders were put out of business recently when there was a fire that gutted their stalls.

The market is moving soon (about 15 mins from where it is) and this one will still be used to satisfy the tourist who come in bulk to oggle the produce. It’s very old and does need a bit of a refurb.  Again, so spotlessly clean! It will still be the best place to get your sushi (at Sushi Dai….). I’m amazed how patient the japanese are with their lining up to get whatever they want. SO calm and respectful. If you leave your line they will save your place.

And there’s no road rage either…..

A quick walk around the Imperial Palace garden then off to Ginza to have lunch at Bills(very good…) look at a few department stores (great shopping) and back for a snooze before going to Waketokomo for dinner.

Bit of a bad start as there are two in Tokyo and , yes, we took a long cab ride to the one at the Intercontinental, which was not where we were meant to be.

Back in a another long cab ride to the one we were booked into.

Great service and good food, but Higoshi Yama spoilt us the night before. It was really nice food but Higoshi seemed to be more organic and flowed well with the courses.

Day 3

Griff has been commenting that there are no bicycles in Tokyo. Well, they are all in the bike parks at the suburban rail stations. What a good idea!

We walked most of the way to our lunch booking at Yakomo Saryo which i thought would be a 30 minute walk, but not. We took the rail for the last bit and only had to walk 9 kms all up. It was nice to walk through the suburbs to this wonderfully renovated house, designed by the owner. Not allowed to take photos of the interior, but okay for the food. It was minimal and there was very good use of clean simple lines using lots of Japanese traditional styles with a spanish/rustic feel.

The setting is glorious and very calming. Food was excellent and the owner is an eccentric, arty type who is so proud to tell you about his establishment. A beautiful tea room where next time we will organise to have a traditional tea service.

Next Stop – France!