Cupitt’s values Team, Experience, Happiness and Improvement. These values underpin all our planning, decisions and actions. The team at Cupitt’s live and breath these values everyday:-

Team: As an energetic team we lead, respect and motivate each other to create a trusted family atmosphere.

Experience: Striving to create a unique experience through our passion, quality of products, genuine customer service and beautiful surroundings.

Happiness: A place where we are challenged to grow and encouraged to build our knowledge, where happiness is created through balance, flexibility and appreciation.

Improvement: Evolving through continuous improvement, never settling, being forward thinking, always open to new ideas and consciously making a positive impact on our environment.


The Vision for Cupitt’s is:
‘A successful business with world class food, wine, beer, cheese and service.  To establish a connection with the customer to ensure they have a pleasurable experience  and a long term relationship. To adopt sustainable practices across all operations of the business and create a positive work culture with opportunities for learning and career advancement.’




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